Key Facts:
– License approved for Brass Oil & Gas City in May 2015
– Agip/Eni, Brass Fertilizer Ltd and Brass LNG are currently operating in Brass Island.
– With the exclusion of the land currently occupied by the three operators listed above, there is a total of approximately 8000 hectares of greenfield available in Brass Oil & Gas City.
– 2000 hectares of land available to develop in two phases of 1000 hectares each which requires sand-filling.
– Entire shoreline of Brass Island is approximately 25km
– Shoreline of land earmarked for development is approximately 14km
– Strategically located on the Atlantic ocean cast and to major offshore oil and gas fields with navigational access via jetty

Opportunities For Development Exist For:
– Supply of power
– Earthworks and subgrade
– Build roads
– Concrete pavement for roads and walkways
– Utility works, drainages and road crossing work
– Build Offices and Residential Estate